Online classes are open to anyone who wants to learn German, regardless of age.

Connect via Skype/whatsapp/google/zoom.

$25 per 45-60 minutes per individual student   (length varies according to students age) 

$10 per 45-60 minutes per (more than one) student 

I will always help to group your child/children with other students to off set your costs.

Individual/group in person classes

are not available at the moment to any students connected to                           one of the listed charter schools

Meet at your home, library or my classroom for individual classes. I currently 

teach from Kindergarten level, through High School and University level and also to

people of older ages that want to learn the German language.

$25 per 45-60 minutes per individual class

$10 per 45-60 minutes per (more than one) student 


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